Back to Earth and the Mysterious Adventure

As Perrel and Eric stood in the dark and quiet living room, they saw a light – a light that lead them into the bathroom. Perrel and Eric carefully walked because they were so very nervous.

All of a sudden, when Perrel and Eric entered the bathroom, the little light had vanished. They looked everywhere and still could not find it but, there was one place they did not look.

“The mirror, check the mirro!” shouted Eric, as he slightly started to move his hand closer and closer to the silver framed mirror.

Suddenly, when he touched the mirror, his hand also disappeard. They held eachother’s hand and jumped into the glittery, silver mirror.

A few moments later, they had slowly been falling down a strange pipe. Instead of a pipe, it was a whales mouth. But, they could not get out as it was not on Earth. “We need to get out of here, we need to get back to Earth”.

Not so long after the two of them had fell into a peaceful and magical world, a lion that had a golden mane looked at them in delight and turned to it’s child. When it had looked away, they both decided to have a stroll and they ended up on a yellow and sandy beach. They went for a swim in the water and after that they were home and stood in the same place the story had started. But, until that day, the world that was not in Earth was never to be seen in the light of day again. Perrel and Eric were happy and were loved and promised eachother they would never go to that place of mysterious problems again.

By Peyton Florrie Robinson.

The Mystery Bath

Jack carefully put his massive legs in the bath, then he swam in the bath and a big bubble came up. He jumped on it and popped it.

A massive shark then came and it made the house rise up into the sky. Then, the hole in the bath got bigger and bigger and a monster came out and pulled Jack down into a magical world…

By Kian Evans.

Underwater Adeventure

Underneath David’s feet, everything was blue. it looked magical and terrific. It was just awesome. The little fishes  were swimming. His dreams came true nothing and he felt as though nothing would scare him.

Soon, David saw a sunken shipwreck deep in the sea. David explored the ship and it looked abandoned. It looked mysterious, as well as scary.

All of a sudden, a shark swam like lightning. It ate stuff really quickly. “Hello, my name is Fred the shark.” “Well nice to meet you!” exclaimed David.

By Heath Rutledge.

From Where I Stand

In the middle of the freezing ocean, Kian saw a sunken ship at the bottom of the water. He lifted his head up but he didn’t see anything except from salty water.

Then, he swam further and further but Kian didn’t see anything except from water again. He felt lost. Kian kept looking for an island but he never found one.

Suddenly, Kian found a spiky fin but then a shark came out of nowhere. He tried to swim away but it didn’t work.

A live ship swooped in right at that very moment and saved Kian’s life, so he grabbed the wheel and drifted off to safety.

They found an underwater city that was at least 300,0000 years old and Kian wondered when his next adventure would begin…

By Dylan Orton.

The Sea Adventure

High above near the delicate, fluffy clouds, there was an adventurous beautiful girl called Jamie. She was a brave girl, so she went paragliding. She saw the glistening, bright blue sea below her. Jamie’s eyes glistened like diamonds as she got higher and higher. She felt the lovely breeze on her neck.

But, just then, Jamie started to get a bit sea sick, before cautiously suggesting, “Hey, isn’t this a bit high guys?” Shaking her knees uncontrollably, she started to get worried. Luckily, she stayed calm, but she started to get higher and higher. All of a sudden, the rope started to wobble, but as she lowered down, she could finally see the sea again.

But just then in the corner of her eye, was a great white shark. It was massive. “Oh no, that looks hungry. What am I going to do?” screamed Jamie.

By Maddison Clarke.

The Rise of the Dead

Joe and his two friends, Freddy and Max were excitingly exploring a gravestone field. They also read the grave. There were lots of graves but one more thing they were curious about was seeing the dead people.
“Hmm, the wind is getting stronger!” bellowed Joe. But all of a sudden, swarms and swarms of bats flew past the solid rock gravestones, before slowly turning into blood sucking vampires.
“Nooooo, not vampires!” yelled Freddy in fright. But then they found axes.
“LETS DO THIS!” screamed Max.

So, they chopped the zombies one by one and two by two but they found a drain of zombie and mummy kings. “Oh no! What is this super insanity MADNESS?”

By Lucas Houghton.

Jadan’s Magical Laboratory

In the mysterious underground laboratory was someone called Jadan who was one of the best ever scientists in the world. He made a portal frame that was made out of a crystal.

Jadan went in the magic portal and teleported to the land of Harry Potter.

Suddenly, Hagrid told Jadan to throw a fish at it and Jadan did it and tamed the dragon before he went back to the laboratory.

By Joshua Lockwood.

The Deep, Dark, Damp Forest.

We were in a deep, dark, damp forest and we kept on going and never stopped.  Next, Cameron said, “Look at that stinking, muddy puddle.” Cameron tried to jump over it but it was too big so he accidentally fell into the dirty, smelly puddle. “Oh no what a disaster! You will need a bath when we get out of of this noisy, terrifying forest.” shouted Frank. Lets just go home and run you a bath.

Cameron and Frank jogged home and tried to run upstairs without being caught. Unfortunately they had spoken too soon. Cameron’s mum was stood at the top the stairs as they walked through the frond door. “Oh gracious me, you look a disaster!” Shouted Cameron’s Mum. “Go and get in the bath right now!”

By Olivia J



The Dangerous Forest

I was standing by a deep, dark, forest and I keep on going before I find some animals. Suddenly, a big wolf crept up to me. I ran and ran before I lost the wolf. I was behind the wolf. Then I found a magical house. I went into the house. Inside there was creepy spiderwebs and enormous spiders. I didn’t find anything in the house. There wasn’t an oven in the kitchen and there wasn’t a bed in bedroom. Then the lights started the flicker and flash. I got scared and ran outside. It was really dark outside so I found some wood and made a fire. I sat by the fire wishing I could go home to my comfy, soft bed. Suddenly, I saw flashing lights up in the sky. It was a helicopter coming to recuse me!  I got into the helicopter, put on my helmet and flew all way home.

By Scott Dellar.

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